Emma’s beginning to feel a bit dull compared to Beth; Kathy gets Owen out of the Pantomime engagement

Radio Times: Kathy finds herself in a sticky situation.

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  • Clarrie has been Christmas shopping. Beth seems to know everything there is to know about Italy. She also takes the chance to have a dig at Emma for taking her responsibilities seriously. Clarrie says William is the same. Emma points out that Ed also has a serious side. Must be the love of a good woman – or so Beth tells Emma.
  • Shula is getting frustrated with Daniel who always seems to be in the thick of it where there’s any trouble. He’s so like Kenton. Shula wonders if she can have the spare panto ticket but Kathy has to explain that Owen had taken the ticket – but she’s sure Owen will be relieved not to have to go after at all. Of course Daniel can come.
  • Beth offers to close up Jaxx for Emma but Emma is very annoyed at the suggestion. She is in charge. So Beth leaves for a night out in rather a flounce.
  • Kathy has now been talked into looking after Joe’s Christmas present – a portable television. Clarrie explains that Lynda and Owen had a bit of a falling out over extra rehearsals. He couldn’t do anymore rehearsals because of “going out with Kathy” but Kathy is rather a surprise – it wasn’t a date and he doesn’t need to come now. She will ring him with the good news.
  • William’s shoot went well – even telling Adam and Debbie where to go. Brian was really pleased, even offered Will a nip of scotch from his own hip flask! They can celebrate with a nice tea. She suggests going out to a club as well but William has always promised to go out with the beaters. Ah well – it doesn’t matter, it was just an idea.

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