Owen tries to quit the production but Kathy wants him to stay.

Radio Times: The rumour mill goes into overdrive.

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  • Rehearsals continue apace. It’s a very busy time. Christopher has had enough with Sid and the football team. What’s the point of weight training? Susan is still convinced something is going on between Owen and Kathy but Clarrie says not. Christopher has found the advert for Tom’s new butcher and herdsman. Maybe that could be a job for Ed.
  • Owen is a bit off with Kathy now that he’s not going to the panto. It seems he can now go to the dance rehearsal. Looks like he needs more practice in everything! Owen and Christopher certainly aren’t hitting it off on stage and Owen finally walks out in a huff which causes an argument between Susan and Kathy who doesn’t understand why Lynda is saying she “begged” her to let Owen in. Clarrie tells her there is always some stupid rumour going round and Kathy is furious. But Susan thinks you’ve got to admit there is something weird about that bloke!
  • Kathy tries to calm Owen down. He really wants to quit but she tries to persuade him to stay. He’s going to be great! They’ll show them.

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