Ian has plans for the future; Owen has plans for Kathy; Emma has plans for Christmas Day

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  • Clarrie and Susan rehearse their lines over a drink at The Bull. Clarrie’s glad to be out of the house and Susan to be out of the caravan. Clarrie wonders whether to ask Emma and Will for Christmas dinner, but she hasn’t got room for Susan, Neil and Christopher as well. Susan puts on a brave face.
  • Owen meets Ian in the Bull. He’s thinking of applying for the sous-chef job at Grey Gables. Ian’s taken aback, and rather lamely suggests that Owen might get more training. Owen is offended, and launches into a eulogy of Kathy’s virtues; she’s gentle, feminine and really knows how to treat a man, unlike his selfish ex, Angela. Ian finds it all embarrassing, but at least he knows that Owen’s straight. And that’s just as well, because Adam appears at that point. The love-lorn Owen goes in search of wonder-woman Kathy.
  • Kirsty and Emma meet in Borchester. Emma says they are’s going to spend Christmas Day with Susan and Neil. She’s no intention of asking Will’s parents round. Isn’t there more to this, asks Kirsty? Isn’t this about Ed and Beth? Well, says Emma, I couldn’t face Christmas day with those two.
  • Emma and Kirsty go for a meal. Emma’s worried about her weight, especially when she sees Beth flaunting her model-girl figure at Jaxx. She’s determined to go back to work full-time once the baby is born. Kirsty points out that the two grandmothers already work long hours, so won’t be able to offer much help. Miserably, Emma admits they need the money.
  • Ian has something important to say to Adam. He’s been thinking about their future, He loves Adam; he wants to take their relationship forward and get a place together straight after Christmas. He’s even got a bottle of champagne on ice. I thought you’d never ask, says Adam. They go into Borchester to see what the estate agents have got.

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