Kirsty’s worried about Emma; Shula takes a fall.

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  • Shula and Caroline enjoy a day’s hunting before going on to yet another rehearsal for Lynda’s play. Shula’s horse is spooked by one of Will’s black pheasants, and she falls heavily, so decides to call it a day.
  • Kirsty tells Brenda that she’s worried about Emma; she won’t be able to hold down her job and take the baby to work with her, and in any case, she’s only got a moped for transport. Not only that – she’s convinced that Beth’s everything she’s not. And, adds Brenda cheerfully, once the baby comes it’ll be even worse – especially if it’s Ed’s baby.
  • Ruth reminds David about Pip’s Christmas concert. Freda will baby-sit the boys, and give Bert a break from her taste in TV viewing; Phil and Jill are coming to the concert. Maybe the family’s expectations of Pip are too high.

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