Tony and Pat bring a taste of Italy to Ambridge and hear some good news from Helen.

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  • Tony and Pat return from Italy full of reminiscences about the culinary delights of Italy. Tony can’t wait to tell Tom about the Lamborghinis; Pat was more taken with the opera. Tony’s major buy is a pair of Italian designer specs. Unfortunately Tom doesn’t notice them.
  • Will calls into the health food shop to have a word with Kirsty; he wants advice about a Christmas present for Emma, who’s being a bit moody. Helen offers sympathy but no advice. Then Pat calls in, wanting to know what Helen’s doing for Christmas.
  • Tom’s busy keeping the farm running. He’s worried about the lack of response to his ads for extra staff, but right now he needs to talk footie tactics with Will.
  • Helen’s going back to the clinic, but Tony wants to know what her Christmas plans are. She’ll be home and Tony is delighted; Pat wonders how she’ll cope with all the food and drink.
  • Pat shows the holiday photos and some of the goodies to Kathy. Kathy’s down in the dumps, and won’t even talk about Kenton. She’s trying to boost Owen’s confidence, but Pat wonders if it’s wise. Kathy’s cross that people are gossiping – it’s just a friendly act on her part.

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