Tom’s pigs run amok and Owen’s attempts to woo Kathy come to nothing.

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  • Ed’s choice of listening annoys Clarrie, who’s already fed up with plucking turkeys in the cold, but she’s delighted to see him so happy, and to have Beth in the family circle.
  • David and Ruth are packing their beef orders. He and Ruth are off to celebrate their wedding anniversary with a meal at the school, where the new menus are being launched; it’s not exactly romantic, and the beef is their own!
  • A furious Lynda rings Tom to say she’s got pigs in her polyanthus. When Jazzer turns up at the turkey shed, he and Ed are immediately roped in by Tom to round up the pigs.
  • Kathy tells Owen about Tony and Pat’s trip to Italy; she’d love to go. Owen immediately starts to suggest a romantic trip – but is interrupted by David and Ruth. He’s none too pleased, and it shows.
  • Kathy offers to help round up the errant pigs, but Owen keeps his distance. The porkers are soon recaptured, and Jazzer demands two hours pay. Lynda is still frosty, but does bring out the mulled wine. She then launches into an attack on Owen’s voice production technique. He gets upset and storms off.
  • Tom’s impressed with Jazzer’s pig management skills, and offers him a job, but Jazzer’s not too keen, until cash in hand is agreed. Then he seems quite keen.

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