Owen show a different side to his character.

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  • Joe’s keen to help Owen with his Fezziwig dance, but Owen’s less than keen. Kathy’s had a bad day, and arrives late. Kenton’s sent an email to Jamie, extolling the virtues of NZ, and she’s upset, especially since Jamie has gone to stay at the Bull. Owen does his best to console her.
  • Tom picks Will up for football; he’s got plenty of tactics up his sleeve. Will can’t believe he’s offered Jazzer a job. Beth and Ed turn up to watch and mock Emma’s plans for Christmas. Ambridge lose, to Ed’s amusement.
  • Lynda’s in a filthy mood, not helped by Kathy’s failure to remember her lines. She abandons the rehearsal, and Joe has a go at Kathy. Kathy bursts into tears; she feels stupid and hopeless. Owen comforts her; Kenton doesn’t deserve someone as beautiful, talented and wonderful as Kathy. But suddenly things turn nasty, and the shy, ineffectual Owen becomes violent and rapes Kathy. He coolly insists on walking her home afterwards. Once inside the house she breaks down completely.

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