Kathy’s in deep shock.

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  • Nigel’s having trouble with his fairy lights; David’s all for binning them and buying more, but they have great sentimental value for Nigel. Shula brings their Christmas presents over; she too suggests binning the lights. They discuss what to do about Kenton’s present.
  • At Lower Loxley, Owen’s acting as though nothing has happened; he seems uncharacteristically sure of himself, and is rude to Nigel about some missing punch glasses. Lynda comes looking for Kathy, and Owen is dismissive.
  • Kathy arrives, looking shaky and pale. She almost faints, and Lynda offers concerned advice and apologies for her tirade at the rehearsal. Kathy says she’s got a lot on her mind and wants to drop out of the play. Nothing Lynda can say will change her mind. She tells Nigel she’s got a migraine, and must go home.
  • Lynda thinks Kathy’s distressed appearance may have something to do with Kenton, and she calls at the stables to ask Shula if there’s anything they can do.
  • Back home, Kathy’s in a terrible state. David calls in to deliver her beef order, and wonders if she still wants it now that Kenton’s not coming home. Kathy is so distraught she can’t give him a coherent answer, and David feels embarrassed. He tells her to let him know her decision, and leaves, whereupon Kathy breaks down in floods of tears.

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