Owen behaves as if the rape never happened; Kathy is still in pieces.

Radio Times: Lynda has some news for the cast.

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  • Neil is hoping that a few Christmas lights around the caravan should make Susan feel more festive. Will has been helping, also labouring on the house, since Mike is busy elsewhere until the new year. They are enjoying a coffee when Lynda calls by with a mince pie to go with it; but there’s a snag: she wants Neil painting scenery tonight and she won’t take ‘no’ for an answer. The happy shoppers, Emma and Susan, return in time to witness the switch on. Lovely!
  • Now that he has discovered that Mr Fizziwig needs to wear whiskers, Owen is even less happy about playing him. Lynda makes her announcement about Kathy not taking part, adding that she will take on the role herself. Susan is quick to observe that she doesn’t explain why Kathy has dropped out; is she ill? Owen cannot shed any light on the matter.
  • Kathy leaves a message for Nigel and Elizabeth; it sounds as if she plans to be off until the new year. Almost immediately Owen rings but she lets the machine answer it. Back at the rehearsal, Owen explains that he had intended to invite Kathy for a bite to eat afterwards. Maybe he will do some shopping for her if she is ill.
  • Emma has gone through her entire wardrobe but nothing fits and she is really fed up. Will tries to console her over the difference between fat and pregnant. They look forward to Christmas, when Mum will do the cooking and the men will wash up. Couldn’t William give her just a little clue about what he has bought her? Definitely not. Time for a cuddle.

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