Owen knocks and knocks but he can’t come in.

Radio Times: Kathy has an unwelcome visitor.

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  • The turkey gutting is in full progress at Keeper’s Cottage and Clarrie is keen to clear everything away before Beth comes back. (Why – she doesn’t come across as a delicate flower!) Clarrie is still concerned about Kathy; apparently she is thinking of cancelling the film this week, so she must be poorly.
  • Whatever next? Ed has turned up on the Green, which is looking lovely, to take part in the carol singing. Anything to show Beth the joys of an English Christmas. Alan has had the idea to ask Sam to take over the film, if Kathy agrees; he will ring her tomorrow. But now let the carols begin; take it away Jolene.
  • Kathy would like to ignore Owen’s very loud and persistent knock but she can’t. He persuades her to open the door, but only a couple of inches. Can he do anything for her: a lift to the doctor’s, shopping, cook something – not many men would be so thoughful! She sends him to the shop, just to get rid of him, but he’ll be back – more of a threat than a promise.
  • Beth is very impressed with St Stephens; when she and Ed head off to the skating rink, they leave Alan and Clarrie to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.
  • Ed quickly learns the first rule of skating – don’t put your keys in your back pocket. He won’t do that next time – so there is going to be a next time.
  • When Owen returns, Kathy doesn’t open the door and his vigorous knocking attracts the attention of Eddie and Alan. Do they have a spare key so that he can take the shopping in. Fortunately not, that is Clarrie’s department, but Eddie helpfully takes the shopping. So Owen departs, giving the impression of being a good guy.

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