Tom treats his staff; Sam takes over the film but is concerned about Kathy.

Radio Times: Tom’s generosity is tested.

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  • Tom is treating his staff today at Grey Gables: Kirsty, Neil & Susan, Stan the butcher and his wife Irene and, on the strength of two hours work, Jazzer. Neil had an early start and is yawning already.
  • David’s meat deliveries have taken some time; there was coffee and a mince pie at practically every stop. He has arranged to do the milking so that Sam can get away at Christmas but he will be back for A Christmas Carol. With Beth doing front of house, that is not to be missed.
  • Everyone enjoyed the meal, especially Irene, and what she hasn’t been able to eat will go home in a doggy bag. Neil has done pretty well for wine and is nodding off; Stan has done better. Only Tom is not enjoying himself: he didn’t think much of the so-called luxury crackers.
  • When David calls at Home Farm, Brian insists on a Christmas drink. He has been thinking about cropping plans and set aside. David too is contemplating changes – more grass for the extra cows. Brian reveals that his real focus is on Hungary, where he has just invested another £100K – but keep it under your hat, David, because Debbie and Adam don’t know yet.
  • Tom’s speech is not received with the rapt attention he seems to expect. Neil snores. Stan is so far gone, Tom has to send him home in a taxi.
  • Sam has been asked to take over the village film for this month and he has been to see Kathy. He is a bit concerned about her: she doesn’t just look ill but rather unkempt too. Perhaps Ruth can give her a ring; David puts it down to that brother of his.
  • Tom thinks it has been an unmitigated disaster but Kirsty puts him straight. Everybody (except perhaps him) had a wonderful time. He is one of the good guys; don’t ever change.

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