The film goes ahead without Kathy, who is still in reclusive mood.

Radio Times: Lilian broadens Brian’s horizons.

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  • Lilian is showing off the recent improvements to her house; the kitchen and the pièce de résistance – an outdoor hot water tub. In December! She’ll not get Brian in there in a million years.
  • In the Village Hall, preparations are in hand for tonight’s film; Ruth and Clarrie are on refreshments and Sam is in charge of the technical side. Clarrie shares her concern about Kathy; she went round with some soup but Kathy just took it off her at the door.
  • A million years is a very short time in Ambridge, for Brian is hesitating on the brink, in a robe thoughtfully provided by Lilian. To his dismay, Eddie sees the incident and promises to have it all round The Bull before closing time.
  • Eddie delivers Kathy’s turkey and explains that it was the smallest he had. Kathy has taken it and shut the door before he has chance to collect Joe’s Christmas present, which Kathy has been hiding.
  • Brian reluctantly concedes that, once in the hot water, the experience is quite pleasant. But they will not be having one at Home Farm. (What, not in a million years?) He promises to smooth Debbie over as she is upset about not being consulted; Adam on the other hand has found Brian very helpful and supportive. Jennifer wonders aloud what Brian can be up to!
  • Kathy lets Eddie in again to collect the TV; the turkey being still on the table, Eddie advises putting it in the fridge. Another knock prompts a rather anxious response from Kathy but it’s only Clarrie and Ruth, delivering Jamie home and asking if they can do anything. Something is wrong here! Clarrie will talk to Pat tomorrow; if anyone can get Kathy to open up, she can.

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