Kathy won’t be helped – not even by her friend Pat.

Radio Times: Pat tries to help a friend.

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  • While Lynda is making a neighbourly call, Kathy’s phone rings; she lets the answering machine take the call but it is plainly the persistent Owen.
  • As they work together in the dairy, Clarrie takes the opportunity to talk to Pat about Kathy. She is not herself – not with it. Eddie said the same. She thinks that Kenton may have dumped her and she has taken it hard. She will be on her own on Christmas Day, because Jamie will be with Sid this year. Pat will go and see her tonight.
  • Rehearsal is not going well: a sticking door and a creaking bed both need Neil’s attention. Owen has been doing some research and has discovered that Fizziwig would not have worn a powdered wig but rather a Welsh wig – a sort of hairy knitted cap. Of course Lynda knew that – but sometimes one has to compromise on accuracy to meet the audience’s expectations. The wig stays. (She got away with that one!)
  • Pat was not sure whether Kathy was expecting her because, of course, the machine took her call. Kathy explains that she must have been upstairs; the ‘flu has knocked her for six.
  • Joe is convinced that the production is cursed. Owen is annoyed that the rehearsal is taking so long, because he had planned to call on Kathy. As Lynda points out, Kathy is not going anywhere.
  • After a bit of small talk, Pat comes to the point: she and Tony would love Kathy to spend Christmas Day with them. Kathy assures her she will be fine on her own; she would not be good company anyway. Pat does her best to persuade her but to no avail. Kathy will stay on her own and Pat should concentrate on Helen who is coming home for Christmas.

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