Emma feels good in her new clothes and Helen comes home in good spirits.

Radio Times: Bridge farm looks to the future.

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  • Emma has nothing to wear – nothing that fits anyway. Kirsty is helping her to get ready for tonight’s visit to The Bull and allows her to open the present from Kirsty and Brenda. It’s maternity wear but Will is not allowed to see just yet. He too has an early present to give her – hand-made earrings.
  • At Bridge Farm, Helen is awaited. They will play it by ear. Pat regrets not being more forceful with Kathy but Tony assures her that if Kathy wants to talk she will get in touch.
  • The Bull is already quite busy. Debbie seems to be in a good mood, enjoying her birthday, so David concludes that Brian has not yet said anything about Hungary. Will is finally allowed to see his wife’s new outfit and concludes that she is – sexy.
  • Helen appreciates that the family have waited to decorate the tree until she got home. She even suggests breaking open some wine.
  • Ruth is in a cosy corner and is not keen to walk home – but she must: there will be three live wires waking them before the alarm tomorrow. They interrupt Will and Emma as they share an intimate moment outside, feeling the baby kick. It’s a lovely starry sky. Father Christmas won’t be long. Happy Christmas.

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