Kathy shares her secret with Sid.

Radio Times: Kathy finds much-needed support.

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  • Sid has had a good Christmas with Jamie, but when he comes off the phone and reports that mummy says he can stay another day, Sid is furious. Someone needs to bring her to her senses.
  • Helen had a good Christmas too, although she didn’t over-eat. She has phoned Greg’s girls and might take up an invitation to go and see them next year.
  • Sid blows his top at Kathy: look at the state of her and of the house. She hasn’t put up decorations or even opened cards; she hasn’t got Jamie the bike she promised him and all because she is moping over Kenton Archer. He would be better off staying at The Bull – permanently! The thought fills Kathy with horror; she pleads with Sid not to take him away and in her distress reveals to him the true reason for her state – Owen raped her.
  • When David turns up at Bridge Farm with a bottle of champagne to celebrate Helen’s return, she reveals that she will stay until Tuesday. She could go to the opening night of A Christmas Carol, if she can get a ticket.
  • Kathy feels better for having shared her secret and Sid is full of remorse for what he has said. She hadn’t been able to tell anyone: they would think she led him on. After it happened she had showered and showered and threw her clothes away but he was so normal: he walked her home and has been calling and phoning. She was too ashamed to tell anyone and she was desperate to keep it from Jamie. Sid’s suggestion that she should go to the police is dismissed: it would be her word against Owen’s; she would have to stand in court and say what happened; Jamie would find out. She makes Sid promise not to tell anyone, not even Jolene. He assures her it was not her fault – which is good to hear. She is not alone any more. Sid will look after her.

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