Emma is determined to stop Damara from reducing the affordable houses, David outwits Josh on the matter of rent and Brian warns Ruth not to mention sale of the house.

Radio Times: Brian apportions blame. Emma makes a stand

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  • Emma interrupts Jim’s piano practice. She asks if he has discovered anything else about the affordable housing issue. They chat about Lynda’s persuasive powers; apparently, she has convinced busy Emma to be a goal keeper and she must practise as George doesn’t want to be shown up. Emma wants to know if Jim’s position as parish councillor has given him insight into how to stop Damara from cutting the number of affordable houses.
  • David and Ruth examine the teeth of a ewe to determine her fate, but Josh strolls up and casually decrees her for the chop. He hasn’t come to help, though, but he wants some tarp for his paint shop. Ruth agrees he can have the tarp but she brings up the subject of rent. Josh points out Pip pays no rent but Ruth counters the rent is not for living on the farm but for his business. Josh argues his work on the farm should count but David laughs and notes Josh used to do quite a bit but not now. Brian interrupts the discussion and Josh escapes. Debbie arrives tomorrow and Brian wants to set up a meeting on Friday.
  • Emma has put up a protest page on Facebook to publicise what Damara is doing. The number of affordable homes has been cut in half. Jim agrees with Emma that what the company is doing is not right but he has read all the paperwork carefully. They have not broken any rules; it is legal. The Bridge Farm development is not unique; developers often claim the increase in costs mandate reducing or even eliminating the promised affordable homes. Jim encourages Emma to be positive; she and Ed may get one of the homes. Emma feels the number of worthy applicants is far more than the reduced number of houses. They agree it is disgraceful but Emma is determined to do something.
  • David praises Josh’s paint job but turns the conversation back to the matter of rent. Josh isn’t against the concept of rent; he just doesn’t want to pay it. Not right now, answers Josh, but at the end of the financial year. Nine rent free months? David is unconvinced. Josh argues it is logical since if they base rent on how his company is doing now, but what will happen if things go wrong? He wants to wait until March where he will have had a year’s income on which to base his rent. This way Ruth and David won’t feel bad if Josh has to pay rent when he is not earning. David agrees to defer the rental to 1 April but instead will take a 10% commission on each machine sold until then; this way they won’t be hurting Josh when he is not selling. Josh is speechless with shock. David offers another way: Josh can pay rent monthly starting now. David is happy to be flexible.
  • Brian helps Ruth pen the ewes but they then look for Ruth’s diary. Brian mentions that the meeting will be fraught and Ruth has made things much worse. Ruth defends her comments about selling the house. Brian won’t hear any explanations but warns her off any comments on the house sale. Brian tells Ruth she really has overstepped the mark. Ruth promises not to give any personal opinions but will act as a sounding board only.

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