In final desperation Brian insists Debbie needs to come home to sort things out.

Radio Times: Brian needs help and Jazzer saves the day

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  • Jennifer is stocking up for Ruairi’s return. Jazzer isn’t interested. Jennifer is more interested in the wedding plans but Fallon isn’t showing too much interest. She is too busy and so are her bridesmaids. Jennifer is surprised to hear there are issues about the affordable homes. Jazzer offers to take her dress shopping! And she accepts.
  • Tom thinks he’s cracked his report to the Nuffield. He has to be honest. His marketing hasn’t gone well so far but fermented foods are the way forward. Johnny admits later he isn’t impressed by the idea. They are turning into a food processing business, not a farm. All they have left is Tony’s hobby herd. It isn’t the future he sees.
  • Brian is more interested in a stiff drink than tea. Ruairi heard how bad things were on the speaker phone. He thinks he is selling the family silver.
  • Jazzer isn’t very helpful at the dress trying on. Fallon hates everything. Jazzer thinks he has the answer. He takes her to a retro dress shop and Jazzer is overwhelmed. Harrison is one lucky bloke. Fallon then asks him to be her “bridesman”. She can’t think of anyone she’d rather be by her side.
  • Brian is getting drunk. He thinks if things stay as they are he’ll have to sell the farm. Let them get on with it. So Jennifer suggests again selling the farmhouse. They could move to a cottage, they only need room for Ruairi. That way the land would be protected for Adam and the others. Brian refuses to consider it and Jennifer storms off to bed. Brian tries to call Debbie but she’s on voice mail. But she does pick up and he tells her he wants her to come home. She can talk sense into them. Debbie says she can’t drop everything. Jennifer is on the edge and he can’t turn things round. He needs her here now.

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