Ruth plants the idea that selling the farmhouse might be the right way to save the land. Lily insists to Freddie that she loves Russ and doesn’t know what to do.

Radio Times: Lily makes excuses and Adam is on the warpath

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  • Lily is still being mean to Freddie, not even offering him water in the polytunnels. Though Freddie has a dig back about Russ – he hasn’t called her since Monday. Lily says they need to get on with picking strawberries or someone will notice.
  • Kate has disappeared again and somehow Phoebe is supporting her. She is claiming Kate has contributed to her more than anyone. Alice is furious about it but Jennifer is still trying to calm things down. Ruth suddenly calls, allegedly to invite Ruairi for the day, but then talks about the Partnership meeting. Jennifer pretends her call is breaking up and hangs up.
  • Alice searches Kate’s room to try to find out where she is. Her passport is still there. Alice is furious however. Kate has done nothing for the farm and now has destroyed it. Ruth appears to try to apologise but Jennifer isn’t really interested. Well meaning words don’t mean much. Does Ruth really think the sale of the farmhouse is the answer? Ruth tells Jennifer that she can see how difficult it is. There are economic reasons which would make the sale of the farmhouse make sense. When David and Ruth were thinking about selling up, they were selling everything, but in the end it was the land that made them change their mind.
  • Lily gets dressed up to meet Russ but later Freddie can see Russ has let her down again. Lily tries to explain that Russ is worried about what his wife might do if he leaves her. Freddie doesn’t see why she can’t see that Russ is playing her along. But Lily realises that Freddie is dealing drugs to the pickers. What will Elizabeth think if she finds out? Freddie points out that what she is doing is every bit as bad. Lily claims it is different. She loves Russ and she doesn’t know what to do.

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