Jazzer takes Alistair to Felpersham to try to cheer him up but Alistair gets drunk and starts on the slot machines.

Radio Times: Alistair faces temptation and Will has a change of heart

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  • Lynda tells Susan that the number of talented pets entered for the fete is increasing. Lynda takes offence at Susan’s suggestion that performing pets are a little odd. She has to admit, however, that she hasn’t got her pet artist to open the fete and so Susan keeps pushing Neil as an eminent Borchester businessman. Will appears and pushes Lynda to leave so he can shop. He’s been called back into work by Martyn Gibson.
  • Next Lynda collars Alistair. She wants to know how Monty can be taught to count to ten. Alistair tries to get away and isn’t successful until Jazzer appears and rescues him.
  • Susan tells Neil he is still in with a chance of opening the fete. Neil says he isn’t interested and dashes off to help Will fix the fence. He leaves his phone behind and Susan uses it to find Justin’s e-mail.
  • Neil and Will do get the fence fixed. Neil asks after the children. Will says they are doing well but do try to play everyone off against each other. He can’t imagine how Nic did everything. And everything is so quiet once the children are asleep. Will hasn’t heard any more about the legal situation with Andrew. Neil tries to persuade him that if Andrew isn’t pushing things, maybe it would be best for Will to let things lie too.
  • In the pub, Jazzer tells Alistair he is trying to train the pigs for the contest but isn’t getting anywhere. Alistair is more interested in his problems with Anisha. His accountant says if he buys her out, he’ll have nothing left after the divorce. Jazzer drags him off to Felpersham to forget. Alistair gets drunk and continues whining to Jazzer about Shula and Anisha. Jazzer tries to distract him but Alistair wants more to drink and then starts on the slot machines.

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