Adam tells Brian that if he sells more profitable land to appease Kate, he’ll call in his share of the profit too. Emma and Pat agree to fight Justin over his plans to reduce the affordable housing.

Radio Times: Adam puts his foot down

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  • Brian has received a letter from Kate’s solicitor. If they sell Broadacre without her content she will sue. Kate has now disappeared. Brian is furious. It won’t happen and he is phoning her own solicitor.
  • Emma and Tony are laughing at Peggy’s attempt to train her cat. Emma says everything is going well at the moment. They are really on the way to getting their own house deposit together. Pat has to tell her that Julian is backing down on the affordable housing. Emma is devastated. Whatever the number of houses, they have almost nil chance of getting a house. She is determined to find Justin and call him on it. Tom appears to talk to Pat but she can’t talk to anyone right now.
  • Brian’s solicitor has told him that he should put the sale on hold until he can reach an agreement with Kate. Apparently Kate’s share of the profits from the whole of the land sale would be as much as the total value of the land next to Spiritual Home so they’d have to sell even more land to make up for it.
  • Tom explains to Pat and Tony that they don’t think now is the right time to go ahead with the new build. Tom and Helen realise they haven’t thought things through properly. Now they need to focus on their core business. He’ll look at more drinks for the healthy market and Helen will refocus on cheese including a new soft cheese. Back to their core values. Tony and Pat give them their blessing.
  • Brian comes back to Adam with proposals for more selling more land including the cherry trees and more arable. Adam says he has thrown reason out of the window. If Brian even thinks about going ahead, he’ll do what Kate is doing and call in his share too.
  • Emma didn’t get much out of Justin – costs, infrastructure, blah, blah, blah…. Emma told him now he knows what it is like to have no choice. Pat tries to convince her it is time for her to fight back. That’s why people voted her in. Emma is worried that it would look like she was trying to forward her own ends. Pat says she’ll stand shoulder to shoulder with her. Justin has gong back on his promise so Emma agrees that she won’t roll over.

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