Tony delivers a nauseating lecture on the future of Bridge Farm. Rex is unclear about a move to Suffolk.

Radio Times: Tom searches for direction and Rex is torn

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  • Toby is worried about the birth. Pip is so focused but he thinks he might pass out. Rex hints that things aren’t all rosy in the Anisha camp but insists they stay focused on Pip.
  • Lynda is trying to encourage Freddie to be some sort of goalie at the Ambridge fete. He isn’t keen. Then Lily appears back from her weekend in Bruges with “Meredith”. He tries to convince Lynda that The Bull during the matches would be the place to find her man.
  • Tony and Tom are trying to pack the veg boxes. Tom has ideas about a juice box. Tony thinks it is great but Tom gets into plans and business ideas, marketing strategies etc. Tony thinks he is overthinking it and Tom gets cross. Then he apologises. He is overstressed about his response. Later, helping with the Herefords, Tom talks to Tony about his Nuffield report. He doesn’t think the maths or the methods for the new build add up. He only has a niche product and Helen’s cheese courses aren’t going well. Tony reminds him nothing is easy. Letting the dairy herd go was hard but it was the right thing. He needs to learn to move with the rhythm of life – faith, hope and hard graft.
  • Freddie tries to make up with Lily but she is still convinced that Russ is the start of her new life, whatever Freddie says.
  • Sadly, The Bull doesn’t find any men prepared to be goalie until Toby suggests he needs to look at women. Game on.
  • Rex is clearly unsure about the move to Suffolk. He was attracted to Anisha because of her independence and strength. Of course he wants to be with her but he is tied to Ambridge as well. He is half way to being a half way decent pigman but he wants to be there to support the baby and Toby won’t make the Hollowtree rent on his own. Toby says he is a grown up now. He’ll cope on his own. If Rex loves her, he’ll know what to do.

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