Emma is worried about how Will will react to her, and Joe takes Gem out.

Radio Times: Tony offers the benefit of his experience

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  • Emma wants to help Will and Poppy but is afraid that Will won’t let her, after Emma got Nic sacked at The Bull. She feels awkward about going round to Greenwood Cottage.
  • Eddie is worried that he is letting Ruth down by not being able to do all the agreed shifts at Brookfield. Ruth says he shouldn’t worry, and that Toby was able to manage when Eddie had to rush off last week. After Eddie leaves, Pip wants to discuss the new milking parlour.
  • Joe is out in the trap which is being pulled by Gem. He comes across Tony who remembers that John died 20 years ago yesterday.
  • Pip wants to order a herringbone rapid-exit parlour. She thinks that it would be more suitable for Brookfield as a whole rather than 20×40. When Ruth asks which sort of sensor technology system they will get, and Pip suddenly decides that Ruth should be project managing the new parlour
  • Joe is clearly thinking about Nic’s last words. Tony tells him about an incident a few days before Martha Woodford died. She was very calm, almost like her body knew she was dying.

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