Will makes a fire, and Brian wants to know if Jennifer has been talking.

Radio Times: The village is in shock

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  • Clarrie and Eddie are looking after Poppy when Jennifer and Alan pop round with dishes of food. Will has been persuaded to go out for a walk but soon there is a crashing sound outside. Will is breaking up the crate on which Nic scratched her arm. He then uses petrol to burn it.
  • Later, at Home Farm, Brian wants to know if Jennifer has told anyone about him allowing the Branford brothers to dump waste on his land. She is angry that Brian has lied to her yet again, he should have told her the truth earlier. Brian tries to explain how, back in the ’70s, he needed money. He realises that he’s been foolish, but Jennifer isn’t sure if she’s going to tell anyone about this, or not.

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