Nic Grundy loses her life to sepsis.

Radio Times: The Grundys face a long night

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  • Toby and Eddie meet up at Brookfield in readiness for another night’s work. At Borchester General, Will receives unwanted news. Nic is suffering from a life-threatening sepsis, possibly stemming from the recent injury to her arm, which she’s probably not treated with sufficient care. She’s receiving antibiotics and fluids but is beginning to suffer multiple organ failure due to a low blood pressure. She may need mechanical assistance. She’s distressed about not seeing her children. Will is strongly advised to bring them to see her, not tomorrow as he suggests… but tonight.
  • Eddie receives a call from Will. Toby wanders off to see what else needs doing. Will is in pieces, not fully appreciating the seriousness of his wife’s condition. Eddie takes charge. He tells Will to go back and stay with Nic. He will arrange to bring the children and tell her mother, Beverly. He hangs up and tells a sympathetic Toby that he needs to leave immediately. Toby must wake David or Ruth to help him. Eddie will explain in the morning.
  • Clarrie, Joe and the children join Will at the hospital. Clarrie takes Poppy to see her for a goodnight kiss before returning to Eddie. Nic thanks Will. He and the children mean everything to her. Will is so upset, he should have stayed at home with her, but she needn’t worry. Everything will be all right. He’s even decided to take dancing lessons. “Just keep fighting” he urges. Joe comes in with news that Mia is breaking her heart and needs Will. Joe stays with Nic, Will says that he will be just two seconds.
  • Nic calls Joe over. She wants him to tell Will that she loves him. Frightened, they hold hands. She’s being so brave” he tells her and always has been a wonderful wife and mother. Nic tries to say more, but Joe can’t hear properly. He leans over her. “No” he shouts, “it’s those medicines they’re giving you”. As he speaks, Nic gasps and an alarm sounds. Joe calls for help. A nurse sees that she’s fitting and calls for the crash trolley and an anaesthetist. The alarm continues.
  • It’s been 40 minutes. The family have been told that she’s suffered a cardiac arrest but Will is concerned that there’s been no further news. Eddie thinks that it’s a sign that she’s young, strong and a fighter. Which is good as her mother is flying in from Malaga tomorrow. Will can stand it no longer. He goes to find out what’s happening. As he reaches the door, he meets the doctor. “Oh my Lord” whispers Clarrie. “What’s happened?” asks Will. “I’m so sorry but despite doing everything possible for your wife,” says the doctor, “she’s gone.”

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