Emma opens up to Janet

Radio Times: A visit from the vicar.

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  • Ed, Joe and Eddie are in the lean-to at Keeper’s Cottage discussing their proposed Ambridge ghost trail – They decide to start the walk at the Bull with the ghost of the little drummer boy, then to Arkwright Hall and the dobbie, (“Dobbie”? asks Ed …) on to St Stephens, then to the climax at Heydon Wood and the tale of Black Lawson and the wild hunter. Ed is sceptical about people’s safety and not too sure that the proposed scarecrow hanging from a tree will be scary enough to be classed as a genuine ghostly experience. He won’t have time this afternoon to help make it though, because he wants to visit Emma and will have to keep an eye out for when Neil is not around.
  • Janet calls into Bridge Farm for some peach ice cream as the village shop has run out. She is on her way to visit Emma and hopes she will be able to help. Clarrie tells her that Emma has such a lot to get off her chest – Neil’s anger with Ed and Eddie is wearing her down so much.
  • Ed sneaks in to see Emma while Neil is at the village shop. She cuts through his brash talk of wanting to put a match to the bonfire and he admits that Tuesday really was dire for him. He beats a hasty retreat as Neil returns with the Vicar, and Emma suddenly pours her heart out to Janet. She feels so guilty about the whole situation, how it was her decision to get into the car, and that Ed should not have to take all the blame. She knows that his feelings of remorse are genuine and hates the way her Dad won’t even hear the name of Grundy spoken without starting a row. She just wants to be glad about being alive without all the bitterness.
  • The ‘genuine ghostly experience’ scarecrow is coming along – though not without problems. Its prototype tights seem to be a point of interest for Eddie and Clarrie! She mentions having seen Scott on TV last night and how everyone is commenting on the improvement in Lilian’s attitude since her face-lift.
  • Emma has asked Janet to have a word with Neil about the pain she is carrying. Neil comments that she seemed brighter after Janet’s visit. Janet agrees that Neil is doing almost everything he can to help Emma, except the one thing she really wants – for him to listen to her. She is so burdened with guilt when he goes on about Ed and Eddie that it is holding back her emotional recovery. Neil cannot just forgive them – he utters more bitter words and Janet gently advises him that his anger is eating away at him like a poison. Could he, for Emma’s sake, try to make a small move towards reconciliation? He says he’ll see what he can do but still feels that Eddie will have to make the first move.

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