Brian’s treats Lilian

Radio Times: Lilian gets off scot-free.

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  • Brian tells Jenny that he has seen the new contractors for the Estate spraying for grass weeds – far too late in his estimation. He would like her to go up to the deer with him later on to see what is going on – to ‘point-score’? surmises Jenny. She thinks she’ll pop over to Brookfield to see if Ruth needs any help with Pip being poorly, and she is worrying about what they can do to prevent Lilian seeing Scott on television tonight. Brian suggests a full family dinner party at Grey Gables or the Mont Blanc and Jenny suggests he tell Lilian himself as it would mean so much to her, coming from him. Brian comments favourably on the way Lilian looks and tells her that this evening will be her farewell party and an opportunity to show off her new face.
  • Jenny tells Ruth all about the Hallowe’en party (there was a whole parade of Harry Potters but of course Daniel’s costume made by Shula was the most detailed…….) and takes a shopping list away with her. Jill phones from Australia to ask about Pip’s bug and tells Ruth how gorgeous Meriel is and how well Kenton has taken to fatherhood. Ruth says she felt her baby flutter for the first time last night……..
  • Pat tells Helen about Brian’s plan for the family ‘knees-up’ at Grey Gables tonight to keep Lilian away from the TV. Helen is not too keen to go but Pat insists it will do her good to get out. She quizzes Helen about the amount of hard work she is doing again – is it because of the problems with Greg being so busy and the seemingly doomed holiday situation? Helen says that’s not the reason, that she is not unhappy, she doesn’t want to give Greg space as Pat suggests, they are a couple, she loves him and thus cannot just crawl away at the first hint of trouble.
  • … Jill continues to describe to Ruth the wonderful sightseeing they are experiencing – they’ve been to Kooranda and ridden on a hand-built railway, a trip which involved a certain amount of eyes-close when passing a spectacular ravine! Ruth can’t wait to see the photos and video, or for the ‘only 11 days to go’ until Phil and Jill’s return!!
  • The evening celebration starts with champagne and Brian quizzes Lilian about her secret whereabouts last night – he suspects that Matt Crawford might have been involved and reminds her that he has a wife. Jenny updates them on Jason’s progress at the police house and Pat and Helen arrive ahead of Tom and Tony who need major cleaning before they can come out! Brian is glad they are coming because he needs to bellyache to them about the new Estate contractors and starts straight away, though Jennifer cuts him short. Helen asks Jennifer if she fancies a jaunt with her next week, visiting some blue cheese-makers in Shropshire, recommended to her by her old tutor. Jennifer will be delighted. Brian proposes a toast to Lilian and she reciprocates to the family, thanking Brian for boosting her ego all week with his charm offensive – she offers to pay for the meal, but Brian insists that the treat is his.

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