Jolene’s hallowe’en secret

Radio Times: Who’s that knocking.

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  • Lilian’s new face, complete with full ‘slap’ for the first time since the lift, is much admired by Jolene at lunchtime in the Bull. Sid is away in London so Jolene offers Mike and Eddie drinks on the house to celebrate Ed’s community service sentence. Mike thinks Joe is suffering, having to look after the turkeys every day by himself and apparently Oliver has said that Joe’s ploughing has gone to pot with all the worry. Bert leaps to Joe’s defence, much to Mike’s surprise as aren’t they rivals in the ploughing match? – apparently no longer as they are now in different categories because of the old machine. Bert thinks Joe might like to show him the International this afternoon. Jolene offers Eddie, Bert, Mike and Lilian a real celebration later on this evening, much later on – a private party, and Joe can come too to cheer him up a bit. Lilian relishes the idea of a bit of fun, reminiscent of when her Dad was alive, before she goes back to Guernsey.
  • David offers to look after Josh while Ruth takes Pip to the doctors this after noon. The dishwasher is still full of dirties from last night – not much domestic change yet at Brookfield then!
  • Bert gives Joe some tips to straighten his ploughing and admires the cushion Clarrie made for him. After imparting some technical details about the machine, Joe decides to return the complement by coming to Brookfield to watch Bert ploughing. They graciously wish each other luck in the competition and anticipate the ‘lock-in’ at the Bull.
  • David didn’t manage to get home in time to look after Josh as a difficult calving held him up, but Josh was very well-behaved at the Doctor’s. Poor old Pip definitely has a tummy bug and will be off school for the rest of the week. So much for all Ruth’s efforts with the costume – David suggests sympathetically that maybe it will fit her next year.
  • Everyone enjoys the ‘lock-in’ and the ghost stories become more fantastic as the inebriation accrues. After a reminder from Jolene that “it’s never ‘appened, all roight?” they walk home at midnight and Lilian tries to persuade Eddie and Joe to put their story-telling talents to good business use and organize a tour of Ambridge ghosts – including a genuine ghostly experience for good measure!

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