Emma’s on the fence – which side will she fall?

Radio Times: Where there’s a Will, there’s a way.

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  • Emma is off to look at mug shots with Ed. Susan hopes it won’t upset her. Neil still can’t bring himself to think of the Grundys as anything but trouble. Susan tries to smooth things over as Will arrives – he’s just missed Emma. He’s been calling and texting her …
  • Clarrie tells Pat about Lynda’s fuss regarding the pole barn. As they deliver ice cream to the shop, Susan asks Pat to wish Helen ‘Happy Birthday’. Pat is up tight about Greg going off to France soon so he’ll be working late and won’t be able to take Helen out until Friday. Clarrie mentions how Greg dropped William in it by just announcing to Brian he was taking the time off. Susan makes sure Clarrie knows how grateful she is to Edward for what he did for Emma – Clarrie is sorry Neil is so down about it. It’s just there’s so little work coming through at the moment.
  • Emma has made Ed a carrot cake – she feeds him some and as they share an almost tender moment of togetherness, Will walks in. He and Emma go to the kitchen to make tea and he quizzes her about not answering his calls. He thought Sunday had put things back right between them. He was there for her, wasn’t he? Please will she come round to his flat tonight – he’ll cook for her and they can talk …
  • Susan tells Neil he’ll have to accept that Emma and Ed have grown up together and will always be mates. He’ll drive her away, always slagging off her friends. He reluctantly says he’ll buy Ed a drink next time he sees him in the pub. Pat calls in to ask Neil if he could help out at Bridge Farm – they’re desperate now that they see so little of Tom. They wondered whether he would be able to spare the time, until Clarrie said … (Oops, Pat!) Well, if he could come over tomorrow after the pigs … Susan thinks Neil should be grateful to yet another Grundy.
  • Emma is marvelling at the luxury of the Dower House. She mentions how kind Will is being, doing Ed’s calves. Will has had time to think, a lot, about how out of order he was last week – he’ll be right behind her if she decides she does want to work for Kenton. He loves her, never wants to lose her, she’s something really special. Emma reluctantly accepts his kisses. Will tentatively assumes they’re back on – he’ll never be so stupid again. She didn’t mean all those things she said, did she? No, no not really. “Of course you didn’t – we’re solid, we are.” (But don’t let’s hold our breath … )

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