Adam steps in for Debbie; Jenny and Brian express their reservations, but not to each other.

Radio Times: Adam is on the case.

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  • It would appear that Debbie has succumbed to the lurgy. (Jennifer, of course, knew she should have been in bed all week … ) Adam and Jennifer are enjoying the weather and admiring Home Farm’s crops. She is desperate to know what he and Alice will be wearing for the ‘Three Peaks’, but Adam is determined to emulate Lynda’s sense of mystery on such occasions! Peggy arrives, a little early for lunch, just as they notice signs of powdery mildew on the wheat. No worries! Adam will don his shining armour and spray it, even before the wind gets up!
  • In the Bull, Jack and Kenton are anticipating their take over of the café next week – Kenton wants to retain the 50’s time warp atmosphere and just freshen up what’s there. Jack approves of trying to keep the cost down – Kenton is not looking to spend his money unnecessarily (No?). But there are other areas which will be worth splashing out on a bit – like a neon sign shouting JACK’S over the frontage! What could be more 50’s than that?! David joins them and is glad to hear that the neon is to be in Borchester, not Ambridge. The PC would have something to say about that! Anything that bothers people David has to take seriously now.
  • Over lunch, Jennifer shares with Peggy her continuing worries over Brian’s and her future together. Lucky though she feels that Siobhán and Ruairidh moved away, she can’t ignore the monthly standing order that goes out. Even though Brian promised not to make contact, is he still in touch with her, by phone, by e-mail? Peggy thinks Jennifer should ask him, but she can’t – she doesn’t want to know the answer in case it’s ‘yes’ … And what if she dies first – what’s to stop him changing his will in Ruairidh’s favour? She’ll make herself ill thinking like this, says Peggy. She really will have to talk to Brian about it. Jenny half-heartedly agrees that she supposes she will – some day …
  • Kenton has been on a course concerning the four Cs – Cooking, Cleaning, Chilling (cue for some sarcasm from David about how good Kenton is at chilling already!) and … Cross-Contamination? prompts Jack, who already knows how to suck eggs, having been in catering for quite a long time! David has some posters for a new campaign from the NFU meeting – C/O British Farming. Sid’s had one, Jack will have one for the shop, but Kenton scathingly refuses for the café – not quite the image he’s trying to project.
  • Brian is surprised to see Adam spraying the wheat – and immediately tries to blame Debbie for the mildew. Adam leaps to her defence and goes off to finish the job as David appears. Brian quizzes him about Ben’s progress, and David in turn, asks whether Brian has had any further news or photos of Ruairidh from Siobhán. Nothing, and he’s got to face it, he may never see Ruairidh again – his decision. How did Jenny stand it, Adam being away so long? David reminds Brian that he is doing really well, rebuilding his marriage, that he must keep plugging away at it. “You will, won’t you Brian?” “Yes, like you say, I’ve got to, haven’t I … “

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