Elizabeth and Ruth seek a truce for Phil’s birthday; Emma is positive about Daphne’s but not about Will.

Radio Times: Elizabeth is hot and cross.

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  • Nigel is swallow watching at Lower Loxley while Elizabeth is more concerned about the logistics of a ridiculously busy weekend – Easter Fair, vintage car rally and the point-to-point on Tuesday. She is far from full of the joys of spring, especially having heard nothing from Debbie – she’d sent her a card in the hope of healing the rift in her friendship. Nigel tries to cheer her up with promises of birthday treats and Elizabeth suggests that he, the eternal optimist, should deal with the candyfloss man who doesn’t like the pitch he’s been given!
  • Roy and Brenda are spending the day slogging round Borchester Estate Agents. They hope to draw up a short list of suitable places to rent so that Hayley doesn’t have to view everything available. She’s so upset about having to leave Nightingale Farm, mainly because she feels that they have let Marjorie down. Brenda tries to convince Roy that it’s not their fault. Anyway it will be ages before Marjorie will get a place in The Laurels – plenty of time to look around, and what about buying – the starter homes in Ambridge? Roy has already enquired of the builders and the show homes don’t open until next month. Anyway the foreman said the price of the starter homes hadn’t been fixed yet – probably waiting to see how much they can get away with. At worst they might even have to move back to Birmingham – but Brenda mustn’t say anything to their Mum and Dad yet …
  • Elizabeth has received back the card she sent to Debbie – in bits. Dreadful, says Nigel – they neither of them can understand it. Ruth says how much they and the children are enjoying the day – she is treating the Murrins to a day off in return for all the times they’ve had Pip and Josh. Ruth broaches the subject of Midsummer Meadow/Woodbine Cottage – she doesn’t want a repeat of the row at Pip’s party on Phil’s birthday, neither does Elizabeth want a repeat of the twin’s Christening. She rather aggressively suggests that David should be the one to be lectured and Ruth tells her that she already has tackled David about it. Elizabeth agrees to back off if David will, so that they can all hopefully have a nice relaxed evening. She explains that somehow her feelings of loss over Debbie’s friendship make everything else seem irrelevant – Brian has a lot to answer for over his affair with Siobhán and she hopes he thinks about that sometimes!
  • Brenda is treating Roy to lunch at Daphne’s – they’ve had a depressing morning looking at potential flats. Emma joins them and Brenda explains, to Roy’s surprise, that Kenton has offered her the assistant-manager’s job. Roy thinks it would be great for her – she’s a hard worker, from what he’s seen at Grey Gables. He returns to work and Emma tells Brenda that she loves Daphne’s. Brenda reckons that any minor difficulties, like continuing her NVQ, Kenton could work out with her. And as to getting there – either Brenda or Helen could give her a lift. Emma’s got it all going for her – new job, boyfriend with a new flat – won’t be long before she’ll be moving in with Will, eh? The hesitation in Emma’s voice leads Brenda to ask the obvious question – and Emma reveals (in strictest confidence of course!) there’s someone else she likes – it’s Ed …

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