Lynda plans a new campaign in spite of David. Emma continues to waver.

Radio Times: Ed’s Easter surprise.

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  • David is probably regretting his rare appearance at church. Having picked up Clarrie’s remark about plans for their field, Lynda wants to know whether David has made progress on that little matter they spoke about last week.
  • Emma has called to see Ed and confides in him that she has definitely decided to leave Lower Loxley. Kenton has agreed to continuing her NVQs. Ed is on her side and thinks she should go for it; he also recommends telling her parents sooner rather than later.
  • Of course David could not talk in front of Clarrie, so he calls on Lynda on his way home. Farmers generally do not need planning permission but only if their holding is greater than 5 hectares. He agrees that the Grundys may have broken the law but they probably don’t know it; he is pleased to see them back on the land and cannot believe that Lynda would want to spoil it for them. Oh but she would! If this is the attitude to be expected of David as a Parish Councillor, she will tackle it herself.
  • Emma breaks the job news to her parents. Their response is predictable: Susan realistic and willing to accept her decision, Neil wishing to change it back to the “safe” option. What’s that, these days?
  • Emma needs air and has called on Ed again, finding him alone. She loves her Dad but he seems scared of everything; she admires Eddie for his adventurous spirit. Ed observes that Will is very like Neil, whereas Ed is more like Eddie. Emma seems to be trying to tell him something – or show him something. But no, she decides it is not right and beats a hasty retreat.

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