Lynda gets stuck in her egg costume; will she make page 3 of next week’s Borchester Echo?

Radio Times: A boiling egg at St Stephen’s.

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  • It’s the day of the Ambridge Three Peaks Challenge and some people have been taking it very seriously, even training for it. Adam is an unimpressive horse and Lynda is a splendid Faberge Egg. Running might be difficult!
  • Emma’s phone keeps ringing; it’s Ed, keen for her to go round to see him, but she says she can’t. The opportunity arises to tell Kathy what she is about to do formally, give notice. She has been happy at Lower Loxley but the opportunity is too good to miss. What opportunity? It seems that Kenton has omitted to mention his job offer to Kathy.
  • Alice is in a strop: it is her turn to go up the tower but the people ahead have not yet come down. It seems that Faberge Eggs are also not good for climbing towers: Lynda is well and truly stuck. Bert’s practical suggestion is rejected: taking the costume off is not an option!
  • Kenton senses a scoop and gets the photographer along while Adam acquires some garden shears to do a demolition job on the egg. Fortunately the judging was at the start of the race, so Lynda’s now tattered costume still won. Let’s hope she can collect all the sponsorship money, not having finished the course.
  • Outside, David and the children have won despite just doing it for fun. Kathy has a bone to pick with Kenton but he pleads that he was only following her advice. But she said “somebody like Emma”, not actually Emma. Still, she admits she did not try to talk her out of it. Kenton’s new flat will be available on Monday, undecorated, and she ought to send him packing – but she is not going to.

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