Usha has finished her relationship with Adrian; Brian puts his with Adam on a different footing.

Radio Times: Grazing on Grundy land.

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  • At Home Farm, Brian and Adam are working together worming deer calves and discussing options for the future. As well as researching the direct marketing of venison, Adam is interested in soft fruit, although a bit more high-tech than the Tuckers’ Pick-Your-Own strawberries.
  • Eddie and Joe are surveying their estate and conclude that having a few animals grazing has just put the finishing touch to it. Eddie has no regrets about Grange Farm: that was too much of a tie. He enjoys being his own boss. Joe has noticed that Ed’s mood is uplifted by Emma’s visits but Eddie cannot believe that she would give up a steady lad like William for a fly-by-night character like Ed: she is a Carter, after all.
  • The point to point at Lower Loxley is a new experience for Auntie Satya. While she is off with the children, Usha and Ruth can talk. Usha has split from Adrian; it was never going to work because they wanted different things. Satya is keen to help Usha find a “nice boy” and Usha is minded to let her try; the western way of choosing a partner has not worked for her.
  • Brian is grateful for all Adam’s help in Debbie’s absence and appreciates having someone to talk to. (Debbie doesn’t, these days!) He thinks he should be paying Adam a wage but he shouldn’t get too excited: it won’t be much. Mum will be pleased.
  • Although Elizabeth seems cheerier with Ruth today, Usha thinks she looks tired. Ruth voices to Usha her fears about the forthcoming family party, a double birthday celebration for Phil and Elizabeth. She hopes it will be alright.

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