Emma tells Will she is back with Ed. Will is furious and when Ed tells Clarrie she is devastated.

Radio Times: Will is given cause for optimism.

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  • Will tells Clarrie he is too busy to go round for his tea. He says he’s just catching up but actually he is meeting Emma.
  • Adam is still trying to drum up support for the cricket team again. Tony was not a success on his return. He may have to ask one of the pickers – if he can get over his broken heart after being dumped by Alice. William tells Adam how well he’s getting on with Emma now. Adam asks if a reconciliation is on the cards and William doesn’t dismiss it out of hand.
  • Ed tells Clarrie and Eddie that he is back with Emma. Clarrie is devastated. She is desperate for him to see sense but Ed says they have to be together. Clarrie rails at Eddie for not backing her up. After all the damage she has done why can’t she just go away and leave them alone. But Eddie says there is nothing to be done.
  • Emma turns up at Will’s and breaks the news. Will claims he isn’t bothered. It’s up to her how she messes up her life. He’ll just hurt her again. How can she even think about it? Emma is shocked by his reaction but Will just asks her to leave.

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