Eddie and Susan begin to try to see a bright side with Ed and Emma.

Radio Times: Joe champions the cause of true love.

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  • Joe is going on a last trip the Lower Loxley with Mildred before she goes home. He tells Eddie that he’s sorry for William but if Ed and Emma are going to get back together it was going to happen. There are few enough chances for real happiness. Eddie does begin to understand – he wouldn’t manage without Clarrie but Will is in pieces.
  • Christopher is getting nervous about his practical exam. Neil and Susan are just as upset about Emma being back with Ed though Christopher doesn’t seem to think it’s a big deal. Hasn’t she learned anything from the past? At least he’s got a job this time. Eventually Susan tries to see the bright side. Maybe it will be alright. Neil doesn’t sound convinced
  • Joe is determined to spend time alone with Mildred but Nigel distracts her with talk of lunch at Lower Loxley and a trip to see the vineyard. When he finally gets her alone, he suggests she comes back to visit for Christmas – he’d even contribute to the cost. But Mildred says it simply isn’t possible and clearly is about to tell him something.

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