Emotions get a bit tense at Home Farm as Kate agrees that Brian should be at the wedding.

Radio Times: An old resident returns to Ambridge.

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  • Hayley is getting ready to take Phoebe to see Kate and Nollie but she gets a phone call from Brenda saying what an awful time she is having on holiday. Helen met up with some people on the plane that are just interested in drowning themselves in cheap booze. Brenda can’t stand it. She just wanted Helen to relax but she seems to have forgotten what she is doing. Hayley thinks she just needs to hang in there – things will get better.
  • Kate is interested to hear how the gossip is about the wedding but Brian wants it all distracted from that. She’s even more surprised to find out that Ian only came out to his family a couple of weeks ago. Kate is shocked that Ian’s father could reject his own child. And Brian then feels the need to leave suddenly…. Jennifer explains to Kate that Brian won’t be at the wedding and she is furious. But then she is distracted by Hayley’s arrival. Jennifer tries to smooth things over with Brian but he decides he needs to go off to send a Christmas present to Ruiari. It’s just not his scene. But Jennifer isn’t impressed.
  • Neil is going to ring a quarter peal for Betty on the anniversary of her death.

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