In the end, both Brian and Ian’s father, Glen turn up for the wedding which reaches a climax with Kenton proposing to Kathy.

Radio Times: Ragged nerves and family politics are customary at any wedding and the marriage of Adam and Ian is no exception.

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  • Kenton is late, as usual, for the ceremony but Jennifer is pleased with the way Kathy has arranged the room. Kate makes the point that Brian should be there and Jennifer tries to shut her up but she wants to make her point.
  • Brian is commiserating in the Bull and Sid tries to offer him free drinks and to say he understands. But Brian isn’t too keen. Adam and Ian are allowed to do what they want. Then suddenly, Ian’s father arrives asking for directions. So Brian offers to drive him to the ceremony – he really didn’t want Sid’s drink after all.
  • Debbie tries to explain to Adam that it isn’t that Brian doesn’t love him – he can just be a plonker sometimes but his heart is in the right place.
  • Ian turns up a bit late but they spend some time together and Kenton is even later.
  • Brian and Glen have quite a long conversation in the car. Glen decided that whatever he thought about Ian’s relationship, he needed to be there for his son so he had dashed over at the last moment. So both Fathers were there in the end. Brian couldn’t quite make it into the photos but he was there. That was the main thing. And Glen does make an effort with Adam.
  • To make the day complete, Kate finds Kenton talking about marriage to Kathy and when forced to make it a proper proposal, Kenton is down on one knee.

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