Both Kathy and Kenton realise they’ve made a mistake in their proposal but how to explain? But David decides he wants to make a go of things with Pip.

Radio Times: It’s the morning after for Kenton and Kathy.

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  • Ruth has given David an anniversary card and Pip is desperate to know what it says. She wants to know where his card is too.
  • Kenton isn’t too well after last night’s excesses. David delivers Kathy’s beef order to find he doesn’t even remember what he’s done – not even the ring made of Lilian’s cigarette paper. He explains to David that he didn’t really mean it – he doesn’t want to get tied down. David tells him he needs to be committed. It’s a big deal. If you just drift into it, how will you cope when you hit a rocky patch? David makes him realise he’ll just have to tell Kathy he doesn’t want to marry her.
  • Pat hasn’t actually heard from Helen but she thinks she’s having a good time. She knows that they are safe from Brenda but hasn’t heard anything else. When Kathy drops round later, she admits she just got carried away. She didn’t really want to marry him – she just got carried away. The worst of it is everything is going so well between them and this will just spoil things. Pat makes her realise she’ll just have to tell Kenton she doesn’t want to marry him….
  • Pip produces her cake for David and Ruth. Ruth thinks it’s beautiful. And then David produces a card for Ruth too. He didn’t just buy it to make Pip happy. He’s been thinking and he doesn’t want to throw away 18 years with Ruth. He wants to try.

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