Kathy and Kenton still have not come clean with each other.

Radio Times: Things get complex for Kathy and Kenton.

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  • Kenton is trying hard to get a word in to tell Kathy his proposal was a big mistake – but with little success. When Sid arrives to pick up Jamie he offers his sincere congratulations to Kenton, whose heart, he reckons, is in the right place. He makes a point of stressing that Kenton should not try to usurp his role as Jamie’s father.
  • Helen and Brenda are back from what was, for Brenda, a truly horrible holiday. They pause outside The Bull to listen to the bells: Neil has organised the peal on the anniversary of Betty’s death. It is a lovely tribute.
  • Elizabeth and Kathy are discussing the wedding, although Kathy tries hard to steer the conversation away. Kathy wants a small wedding, very small! She has not even thought about a ring. Elizabeth has a thought; later she presses onto Kenton a gorgeous Victorian ring and she won’t take no for an answer.
  • In The Bull, Kathy and Kenton are cornered into a celebratory drink and Kenton is almost cornered into giving her the ring – almost but not quite.

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