Faith is tested all round: Susan over self-build, Phil over Pip’s education and Luke over his addiction.

Radio Times: David has some bad news for Phil.

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  • Susan and Neil have an appointment at Rodway’s to discuss their planning application. There’s good news from Tom: the supermarket want to go ahead with spicy sausages. Will Neil have the time for more pigs and build a house – course he will.
  • Mabel is taking a break from the vicarage and unloading her worries onto Jill. Medication may help Luke but really he has to start believing in himself. She is more worried about Alan; he sees it as his calling to save Luke and he judges himself harshly. He is aware that some of his other duties are being neglected. Meanwhile Phil takes a phone call from David with the news that they are withdrawing Pip from the Felpersham exam.
  • Luke is desperate to go out but Alan won’t let him go alone. They leave Amy feeling scared for Luke and helpless.
  • Doubting Susan is all for going back to Rodway’s and telling them to forget it. Their savings are not to be frittered away on a pipe dream. Neil is sure they won’t lose any money because the consultant will steer the application through.
  • Phil is annoyed that Pip’s potential will go to waste. Jill thinks that if she would not be happy at Felpersham then it’s for the best; she was struggling as it was. Phil must not let her feel that she has let him down.
  • In the wee small hours, Luke is wandering the house. He can’t go on; it’s too hard. Alan has to go out to a dying woman and Luke thinks she is lucky – dying, most likely with her family around her. Heroin is his friend, always there for him. Heroin is killing him! Amy pleads for him not to give up on them now.

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