Nearly but not quite: Luke cannot face the doctor and runs away.

Radio Times: David decides to help a friend in need.

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  • Luke is leaving. Was he just going to sneak off? He needs a fix, wants a fix; he cannot face Amy’s dad and he cannot face the doctor. Mabel and Amy both try their best but he is determined to go and in his desperation knocks Mabel over, for which he is sorry.
  • Pip was as bright as a button this morning and Phil has phoned to clear the air. He was very nice albeit disappointed. So that Pip should not feel that she has let him down he has suggested taking her for a pizza after school.
  • When Alan phones home, he learns that Luke has gone and that Amy, tired from being up most of the night and now upset, is staying at home. Luke can’t have gone far; he will try to find him.
  • David comes upon Eddie in the process of demolishing the barn, driven by Joe’s summons. They are able to tell Alan in which direction Luke hitched a lift.
  • Amy did her best for Luke, Mabel consoles. Maybe he will come back; Amy thinks not.
  • At Brookfield they too are reflecting upon Luke; it puts their problem with Pip into perspective. Regarding Joe’s barn, David has had a thought about something he has read in the Farmers’ Guardian. For the moment he is keeping it close to his chest but he may be able to spread a little cheer.
  • Luke has left behind, for Alan, a fine drawing of St Stephens. If only, if only – Alan feels he has let the lad down. Mabel assures him that he did his best but Luke just wasn’t ready. He has planted a seed, the knowledge that there are kind and caring people in the world; one day it will grow, Mabel has faith in that. Meanwhile there are others who need Alan’s help.

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