Emma plans the wedding of the year.

Radio Times: Emma plans the wedding of the year.

  • Emma is disappointed that Will has to go dogging in the morning. She wants to talk about the wedding which is now only seven months away so she goes with him. She tells him she doesn’t want the reception to be held in the Village Hall. It’s her special day and she wants the reception to be one to remember. She’s prepared to spend her insurance money on a fabulous do at Lower Loxley. Will’s taken aback but he’s in love and wants her to have the wedding of her dreams.
  • Alan upsets his congregation by going a bit further than he intended in his sermon. Afterwards he has to go round smoothing ruffled feathers. Shula understands his reasons, but points out that he shouldn’t underestimate his congregation – many of them are quietly giving to charity to try and help. Alan still feels they should do something practical. He’s decided to try and do what gossip said he would do a few weeks ago. He wants to open a refuge for young people like Luke. Mabel reckons he’s asking for trouble.

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