Matt shows his uncharitable side.

Radio Times: Matt shows his uncharitable side.

  • Alan approaches David to see what he thinks of the idea of opening a refuge for young people locally. Privately, David thinks he’ll have a fight on his hands if he goes ahead. Ruth has news too – Usha is having her portrait painted by Ashok. Meantime Alan has a bit of a confrontation with Matt about all the empty properties Matt has in the village.
  • Brian drops in at Brookfield to find a mountain of carrots – they’re having to buy them in to eke out the silage with all the extra animals they’re having to feed. He tells David he’s got a shoot on Friday – potential new customers, some inexperienced. He’s asked Greg to put a minder with the inexperienced guns.
  • Lilian asks Matt to go shopping with her for some new curtains. He does, and they meet Jennifer in Underwoods Café. Matt rapidly disappears, and Lilian goes home with Jennifer, where she tries to confide in her about her hopes of forging a permanent relationship with him. Unaware of Jennifer’s recent past, Lilian is shocked at her sister’s hard line. Jennifer tells her that what she is doing is plain wrong and she should find a man without a wife. Lilian leaves in high dudgeon.

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