Neil and Susan take a gamble.

Radio Times: Neil and Susan take a gamble.

  • It’s a big day for Neil and Susan, as the planner comes to assess their chances of going ahead with a self build house on their land at Willow Farm. He looks at it in some detail, and tells them they are in with a good chance and should go ahead. He stresses the importance of Tom’s business expansion – their case will be strengthened if Neil can prove a need to live on site, close to the pigs.
  • Adam, David, and Ruth have a heated debate about badgers and TB. David says large culls of badger wherever there are cows is the only way to protect the stock. Adam suggests there should be fewer consequences for farmers if their cows get TB – after all, milk is pasteurised… Or why not stop having dairy herds in the TB areas? If David wouldn’t miss the badgers, well, he’s sure there are people who wouldn’t miss the cows… Incredulous laughter from Ruth and David. He must be mad.
  • Later, David tells Ruth about his plans to help Joe. He’s discovered that Joe only needs to rent a few more acres and he could build his pole barn legitimately. So – David reckons they should rent a bit of Brookfield land to the Grundys. Ruth’s a bit taken aback, but she agrees.

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