Joe gets some good news.

Radio Times: Joe gets some good news.

  • Fallon meets up with Ed and tells him about Emma’s surprise party for Will – it’s the first Ed’s heard of it and he feels left out. Alan passes by and Fallon asks about Luke. No news. Alan tells her about his plans for a refuge, and Fallon is enthusiastic – she can see why he wants to go ahead. Mabel packs up to go back to Bradford. Amy’s very sad and tries to persuade her to stay. But she can’t. They take her to the train, and she tells them not to be too sad about Luke. They tried their best for him and the rest had to be up to him.
  • Sadly Joe gets Ed to help him pull down the pole barn. They’re just going to saw up the first pole for gateposts when David rushes up to stop them. He tells them what he’s found out, and offers to rent them the necessary six acres of land, with a proper agreement. Joe can’t believe his ears. He tells David how grateful he is. then he tells Ed to put the chainsaw away, and leave the pole. They might be wanting it yet!

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