There’s disappointment in store for Emma.

Radio Times: There’s disappointment in store for Emma.

  • Emma’s fed up – she’s found out how much Lower Loxley would cost for her wedding reception, and it’s way beyond her means even with Elizabeth’s discount. She asks Jack about having Will’s party at Jaxx Caff though, and he agrees.
  • Later, in the pub, Fallon tells Brenda and Emma about Alan’s idea for a refuge. Neither is keen. They can’t see the village agreeing. Anyway, Emma is much more focussed on her wedding plans – she’s discovered she can’t afford Grey Gables either. So it looks as if it’ll have to be the Village Hall after all. She tells Fallon she’s invited Ed to Will’s party, but he’s not sure if he can come.
  • Lilian shows Matt round the Bull – her old home – in front of an embarrassed Peggy. It’s clear Lilian and Peggy have very different recollections of Lilian’s childhood and adolescence! Then Lilian spots Brenda in the pub chatting to Adam. When Adam goes to the bar, Lilian takes the chance to put an infuriated Brenda right. She’s wasting her time with Adam – he’s gay. Poor Brenda – coos Lilian. No luck with the men. Always the last one to know.

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