Jack gets a nasty surprise.

Radio Times: Jack gets a nasty surprise.

  • Peggy is very embarrassed by Lilian’s behaviour, showing Matt round the Bull and bringing him into the bar, bold as brass.
  • Alan happens upon Shula who is stressed outside a supermarket – she’s just had her card rejected at the till. It’s her and Alistair’s joint account and she can’t understand it. Shula asks Alan about the new rumours in the village – yes, says Alan, this time it’s true. He does want to investigate the possibility of setting up a refuge for young people. He’ll bring it up at next week’s PCC meeting.
  • It’s an important shoot today, and Greg is very anxious to get it right, knowing how down on him Brian is at the moment. Brian follows him around checking up on him, and Greg completely forgets to give one of the inexperienced guns a minder. The result is catastrophic – Jack is walking through the country park on his morning constitutional, and gets shot in the leg. Greg is devastated, but keeps his head and does everything by the book. The ambulance comes and takes Jack to hospital, where the pellets are removed. Both he and Peggy are very shaken. Brian phones Shula (he can’t get hold of Jenny) and asks her to join Peggy at the hospital. Then he lays into Greg. One more mistake like that and he’s out.

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