Peggy feels the strain.

Radio Times: Usha’s getting impatient.

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  • Peggy is in a terrible state over Jack’s accident. She blames Greg, and intends to give him a piece of her mind. Jack is sorry that he’s being such a nuisance, and Peggy’s outbursts don’t do a lot to help him. On top of that, he’s getting a stream of visitors; Ruth comes bearing a lump of Sirloin, Roy brings yet more flowers and the shortlist for the Chef’s job at Grey Gables.
  • In rather calmer mood, Ashok is painting Usha’s portrait. She’s a restless sitter, and made more so by his refusal to let her see the painting. Ruth drops in and has a look, then winds Usha up about it. But Ashok is adamant; it’s to be a secret until it’s finished.

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