Greg gets the cold shoulder.

Radio Times: Greg’s in the doghouse.

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  • Sid and Jolene return from New Zealand to find Roy in charge at the Bull. Shocked to hear of Jack’s accident, Sid rushes round to visit him, and to help him take a few steps. Peggy is still fussing intolerably, but even she enthuses over Sid’s photos of Lucy and the baby.
  • The TB restriction order means that David and Ruth are having to buy in extra soya meal for the cattle, and proces have risen steeply. But Ruth is going to put her cares behind her and go Salsa dancing with Usha. While she waits for Usha in the Bull, Jolene confides that she found the New Zealand trip hard to take. She loved the country, but found Lucy very difficult.
  • When Greg summons up the courage to call round at the Lodge, Jack is very gracious and forgiving. Peggy, however, is distinctly ungracious, in fact downright nasty. If you weren’t family, she says, we’d have had you in court. Even Greg’s peace offering of a bottle of Whisky is rejected.

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