Fallon and Ed enjoy a night out. Jennifer arrives in Dublin.

Radio Times: Jennifer learns the art of compromise.

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  • Ruth has wound herself up into a major state over the cow costumes, and Jill decides enough is enough. Firmly, she tells Ruth the children will just have to settle for something a whole lot simpler.
  • Ed and Fallon laugh as they see Lynda out running with her llama, in training for the cricket club run. They go into Borchester together, have a good evening, and agree they should do it more often. It’s so nice going out with someone you don’t fancy!
  • Following Adam’s advice, Jenny flies to Dublin, where Brian seems genuinely glad to see her. They take Ruairidh to the zoo, where Jenny buys him an ice cream. Brian thanks her for coming, and Jenny is touched when he says he’ll fly home with her. But when he asks her how she feels about Ruairidh, Jenny pulls down the shutters; she just hopes Siobhán gets well.

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